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It turned out that through the implementation of public procurement by the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture € 3 million will be saved on the remaining work of the land reform.

From the public procurement on the land reform work all guarantees have been gained, 44 agreements have been signed and come into force. The Public Procurement Service has approved signing of 5 more contracts in the nearest future.

“We can clearly state that application of public procurement procedures on the land reform work will save more than € 3 million from the funds provided for 2015”, says Daiva Gineikaite, Director of the National Land Service. It demonstrates that in the land reform work agreements of 2012-2013 the fees of the services were inflated and significantly higher than the average market prices.”

This year € 10,890,761 were assigned for the acquisition of projects of the organization of land and preparation and implementation of plans treated as such (all 52 items of the purchase). The sum planned for the contracts amounts to 7 003 759 euros. For the remaining 5 purchase items of the subject of the contract for which the negotiations are not published, total amount will not exceed 7 847 388 euros. From the amount assigned for the 2015 land reform work, 3 043 373 euros will be saved which equals 28 percent of the total funds planned for the purchase.

Upon signing of the land reform contracts, it turned out, that in comparison to the contracts signed in 2012-2013, the fees decreased by 60.47 percent, and the preparation of the documents for the compensation became cheaper by 32.65 percent.

During the new tender for land reform work 177 applications have been received. “The abundance of bidders has shown that the conditions of the purchase of the land reform work enabled a larger number of bidders to compete for state orders of land reform work, while they gave us an opportunity to receive more attractive service prices,” says D. Gineikaite, Director of the National Land Service”.

New public procurement for land reform work has been initiated when suspicions about possibly non-transparent and illegal land reform work orders occurred. The Public Procurement Office issued a recommendation to discontinue the projects and orders of preparation and implementation of other similar land plans in accordance to the contracts signed in 2012-2013, despite their expiry.

In the light of the recommendations, the National Land Service has partially suspended purchases of the work according to the earlier contracts and announced a new tender for the purchase of unstated or unsolicited work. (Land reform projects and other similar land planning and implementation services open to competition).

Research of possibly non-transparent contracts of land reform work of 2012-2013 has been initiated by the Lithuanian law enforcement authorities.

Restoration of the rights of ownership to the land in rural areas for all applicants is a priority task in the program of the Lithuanian Government.

Rural land reform is 99.5 percent completed.

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