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On May 13th 2016 experts of the National Land Service (NLS) attended the international research-based conference "Baltic Surveying – 2016”, which was arranged and hosted by Aleksandras Stulginskis University in Kaunas.

At one of the conference workshops held in the premises of Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture representatives of the National Land Service informed the attendees on the structure of the institution, its functions, organizational principles and the legislative basis. They also presented information on how the state executes control over land use, the principles of control legislation and its practical implementation.

The attention of the participants was particularly focused on Land-use Planning Documentation Information system (ŽPDRIS) and the principles of its operation. The system has been developed and installed by the National Land Service.

Furthermore, during the conference the experts of NLS demonstrated state georeferenced data packages whose formation is one of the duties of the Institution.

The international scientific conference "Baltic Surveying ("Baltic land") has been organized since as early as 1992 at the initiative of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian universities educating land-use planning, surveying and cadastral experts. This year the Conference marked its 25th anniversary.

In the course of the three-day conference at the Aleksandras Stulginskis University and other agricultural institutions the participants from Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian universities and the national land services of the Baltic states were able to interchange their knowledge and expertise in the fields of real estate cadastre, land measurement and administration. This year the Conference was joined by land administration and surveying experts from Russia and Kazakhstan who demonstrated keen attention on recent land administration developments in the aforementioned countries.

Among the main issues of the conference "Baltic Surveying – 2016 was the support of public institutions in the Baltic countries and cooperation between universities. Apart from this, the advancing knowledge of land measurement and administration was included into the Conference agenda.





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