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Professionals of the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Land Service of Lithuania have participated in the European Union funded Project as well as have effectively contributed to the development of Ukrainian land of an open and transparent agricultural land administration.

The European Union funded project “Assistance in the Development of an Open and Transparent Agricultural Land Market in Ukraine” was executed by a consortium of 3 EU Member States: The Netherlands (lead partner), Germany and Lithuania. The assistance and consultations were destined to support the Ukrainian State Service on Geodesy, Cartography and Cadaster (SGC) and in the development of an open and transparent agricultural land market. Members of the project, basing on best practices of the EU-Member States, aimed at improving the agricultural land market and administration of state-owned land systems of Ukraine.

Four priority fields were identified and were dealt within the project: land turnover (including land valuation), land consolidation and land survey, land administration including administration of state-owned land and land cadaster and development of land information system. Aiming to assist in implementing the necessary reforms, the project partners together with the representative Office of the European Commission produced a great number of valuable documents, analysis, manuals, presentations, and trainings on the criteria that are crucial for a properly functioning open agricultural land market.

The Lithuanian specialists shared their expertise in the fields of drafting of legal acts, execution of land consolidation projects, management and administration of state-owned land, establishment of the State Land Fund of Ukraine. Presentations about methods and system of land management and taxation of abandoned land in Lithuania were made to the Ukrainian colleagues.

Land reform in Ukraine started back in 1991. Its main objective was to eliminate the state monopoly on the ownership of land and the establishment of various and equal forms of land ownership. Due to the absence of a legal basis of an agricultural land market and efficient tools of land market regulation, a moratorium has been introduced, prohibiting sale of agricultural land. This severely handicapped the land market and frustrated the development of the agricultural sector. The development of the agricultural land market has therefore become one of the most important government concerns.

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