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In the first half of this year, the land reform carried out in the country has moved forward. Land reform was completed in 43 of the 103 cities and towns. As of July 1, 2017, 90,73 per cent of the ownership rights to land, forest land or water bodies in the cities were restored. In rural areas by 99.75 per cent of the area indicated in the citizens' requests was restored.

"Ownership rights are being restored throughout the whole country. We are working hard to move forward the land reform and have it completed as soon as possible”, – says Danielius Kuprys, Director of the National Land Service.

More than 99 per cent of the restored area indicated in the citizens' requests is in all rural areas of the country, with the exception of Vilnius district. 99,99 per cent have been restored in Kelme and 99,98 per cent in Kedainiai, Raseiniai, Pasvalys and Joniskis rural areas.

The land ownership restoration process in cities and towns has also improved. 100 per cent of the restored land indicated in citizen’s claims is in Daugai, Simnas, Jonava, Kaisiadorys, Ariogala, Raseiniai, Priekule, Kedainiai, Klaipeda, Neringa, Skuodas, Silute, Sakiai, Gelgaudiskis, Kudirkos Naumiestis, Kybartai, Vilkaviskis, Virbalis, Vabalninkas, Akmene, Naujoji Akmene, Venta, Joniskis, Zagare, Kazlu Ruda, Kelme, Tytuvenai, Uzventis, Pakruojis, Seduva, Radviliskis, Jurbarkas, Smalininkai, Pagegiai, Panemune, Seda, Plunge, Rietavas, Varniai, Troskunai, Dukstas, Visaginas, Svencionėliai towns and cities. More than 99 per cent ownership rights restoration has been implemented in 27 towns.

The poorest situation still is in Baltoji Voke (only 48,82 per cent of ownership rights of citizen’s requests for land have been restored), Vilnius (54,55 per cent), Ezerelis (58,49 per cent), Salcininkai (75,86 per cent), Grigiskes (81,76 per cent), Palanga (83,45 per cent) and Trakai (83,04 percent) cities and towns.



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