Latest statistical data show that land reform work is rapidly coming to an end. Ownership rights in rural areas have been restored to 99,7 per cent of claimants, in city areas – 88,4 per cent, and personal agricultural land legalization reach 98 per cent.

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It turned out that through the implementation of public procurement by the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture € 3 million will be saved on the remaining work of the land reform.

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Developing anti-corruption measures, the National Land Service intensifies its internal controls and cooperation with law enforcement institutions.

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The National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture, being a state institution which participates in implementation of public policies for land management and administration, land reform, land use planning, real estate cadaster, accounting, geodesy, cartography, state georeferential spatial data sets and preparation of Lithuanian spatial information infrastructure, is introducing a new set - the bathymetric inland waters map set.

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2015-01-19 : 11:21

On January 16, 2015 after a year of thorough and energy consuming work, the National Land Service was issued a certificate proving that the activities of the Service meet the requirements of international ISO 9001:2008 standard.

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The National Land Service has a new Director Daiva Gineikaite, former head of its Kaunas Division, a lawyer with an extensive experience in government institutions.

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Building value is calculated in accordance with the manager of the Real Property Cadaster of the SE Enterprise Centre approved price lists of Real Property Recovery Costs (RPRC) (construction value) and the standards of the average lasting of buildings (ALB).

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On 5 February according to the offer of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved new regulations on compensation for persons for agricultural land taken into state ownership.

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Temporary provisions of the agricultural land acquisition of the Act 6 of the Republic of Lithuania that indicates the order for the sale of privately owned agricultural land parcel came into force since1 January 2014. The provisions of the Act also state that in all cases the owner of the land must directly report to the notary or the territorial division of the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture about the sale of an agricultural land parcel according the location of land.

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Since 1 July 2010 the National Land Service implements the state policy in the sphere of land reform, land management, land use, geodesy and cartography, the development of geographic information infrastructure.
Performing functions of the state land trustee and creating favourable conditions for the rational use of land, also ensuring activities of geodesy, cartography and real property cadastre, the Service organizes and maintains land management, surveying and mapping work, takes decisions to restore the ownership rights to land, the sale of the state land parcels to transfer to a private ownership or lease.

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