Attracting investment is gaining increasing importance and becoming one of the crucial challenges for Lithuania in international politics, contributing to the creation of new jobs and economic development. The more favorable the investment environment Lithuania will create for investors, the greater will be the country's ability to compete with other countries for attracting investment or its development in Lithuania.

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The National Land Service (NLS) often faces questions about what happens once the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, will nationals and organizations of that state have the right to acquire land in Lithuania.

As everyone is well aware, land in Lithuania can not be purchased by all foreigners and foreign entities, but only those who meet the criteria laid down by law.

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The National Land Service (NLS), contributing to the implementation of the project of special state importance "Rail Baltica", successfully carried out the work of acquiring land for the needs of society. On 10 June, the Director of the Service Laimonas Čiakas signed the last act of taking the land for the needs of society, which completed the second and final stage of the land acquisition project "Rail Baltica". In less than two years after the start of the project, the NLS has taken 2 622 parcels to build the railway track and to secure access to adjacent sites.

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In 2019 major strategic activities of the National Land Service were related to land reform and management, management of public land, geodesy and land mapping, anti-corruption policy implementation, issuance of various documents, permits, contract evaluation etc.

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The National Land Service (NLS), being innovative and ambitious, is one of the first public institutions in Lithuania that has implemented the anti-corruption management system developed in accordance with best global anti-corruption practice, in line with the international ISO 37001:2016 requirements and covering the main areas of service activity. This was confirmed by qualified auditors of the German Department of Management systems and personnel certification Body TÜV Thüringen e.V. in Lithuania.

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On the 16 of December, at an event organised by the Ministry of Transport to discuss the implementation of the first phase of the "Rail Baltica" project of state importance, the ministerial representatives thanked the National Land Service (NLS) for an efficient cooperation.

As a contribution to the Rail Baltica project, the NLS carries out acquisition of land for public needs, which is intended to be carried out in two phases. The first stage is successfully completed. During this time, the land from the owners of private land parcels was taken to the Rail Baltica rail track.

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The National Land Service (NLS) has successfully completed its second co-operation project - "Exchange of Knowledge and Best Practices on Digital Archives and ICT Process Optimization between the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania and the relevant Icelandic and Danish authorities". This project was largely funded by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Program for Public Administration 2019.

Within the framework of this project, representatives of the NLS paid working visits to the Kingdom of Denmark and the Republic of Iceland.

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From 5 to 8 November, the representatives of the National Land Service (NLS) took part in the LANDNET International Conference "Territorial Development – Challenges and Opportunities", held in Spain, where representatives from 38 countries shared experiences and sought for the best ground management decisions. At the event of the city of Santiago de Compostela, NLS was represented by Algis Bagdonas, Deputy Director, Daiva Mikalauskiene, Director of Land Administration and Management Department and Odeta Jogmine, chief specialist of the Land Management Division.

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On October 14 to 17, 2019, the representatives of the National Land Service (NLS) visited two Danish institutions under a project funded by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility and Networking Programme for Public Administration. The partners of the project "Exchange of knowledge and best practices on the optimization of digital archives and ICT processes between the National Land Service and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania and the respective Icelandic and Danish authorities" are the Danish Geodata Agency and the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency. In the institutions, the NLS representatives heard reports on the institutional activities, main areas and aspirations of the institutions, the digitalization situation in Denmark, historical maps and their storage, the implementation of data protection and the digitization of archives, registration of real estate, cadastral maps and registers and other relevant information.

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Representatives of the National Land Service (NLS) participated in the 20th session of the Expert Group on Geographical Names of the Baltic Section of the United Nations (UN), held in Riga on 24 and 26 September 2019.

The session was attended by experts from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia.

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