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According to the data of January 1, 2019, ownership rights were restored to 45 772 citizens (passive applicants included), to 91.44 percent of the land registered in their applications. The area of land covered by the application to be retained for 6051 citizens is 3367 hectares of land.

“In full, ownership of the land has been restored in 50 cities and towns of the country. Depending on the situation, the return of land in cities in 2019 should, in principle, be completed, but it will be particularly difficult to complete the restitution in Vilnius. It should be noted, that the legal basis for the decision of the NLS on the restoration of property rights in cities is the detailed plans of municipal land parcels prepared by the municipalities or the land management projects and the approved land register cadastral data files. If the municipalities do not provide these documents to our territorial divisions, the NLS has no right to form land for restoration and to restore ownership rights to the land. For example, in Vilnius in 2018 a total of 472 new plots of land were transferred by the Vilnius city municipality to restore property rights, of which 283 land plots were transferred only at the end of the year, i.e. from November to December. Although the speed is increasing, however, the Vilnius City Municipality Administration has so far failed to provide a sufficient number of land plots for restoration of property rights. Therefore, 3076 citizens are still waiting for their land in the queue approved by the order of Vilnius territorial division of NLS”, – says Laimonas Čiakas.

Until 2019 January 1, in the largest cities and resorts of the country, ownership rights to the land have been restored like this: in Klaipėda city – 100 percent, in Marijampole - 99.99 percent, in Druskininkai – 96.93 percent, in Telsiai – 99.91 percent, Kaunas City– 91.67 percent, in Palanga – 85.06 percent and Vilnius City – 56.78 percent applications.


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