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On December 19, 2018, the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture organized a commemoration-conference "Century of Land Management in Lithuania".

At the conference, the speakers reviewed the development of land relations during the historical period of 100 years, carried out land management works, introduced the establishment and development of the real estate cadastre and register in Lithuania as well as the issues of training of land management specialists.

The centenary commemoration conference on land management focused on interwar land reform, when the land reform initiated by Mykolas Krupavičius and commenced in 1919 expropriated land of landlords and was distributed to volunteers, landless and small-scale landowners. In this way, a strong farm in the interwar Lithuania was formed, ensuring the country's economic development, progress and even statehood. The interwar land reform is considered to be one of the most important factors that has allowed the consolidation of the newly reborn national state of Lithuania.

During the commemoration conference Nomination of the name of Mykolas Krupavičius was introduced to honor the people who contributed significantly to Lithuania and its economy.

"In commemorating Lithuania's century, it is our duty to remember and remind Lithuania of the centuries-the people and their most significant work," said Laimonas Čiakas, Director of the National Land Service. The interwar land reform was not only an economic but also a major social breakthrough, after which Lithuania became a rapidly developing nation of independent farmers from a backward state of serfdom. In his work, Mr Krupavičius, through his efforts, established what became the basis of our statehood later. ”


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