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 National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture is the Lithuanian State institution pursuing the state policy in the sphere of land management and administration, land reform, real property cadastre, accounting, geodesy, development of cartographic and georeferential databases and information systems needed for agricultural development.

 The vision of the National Land Service – rational land use ensuring sustainable development of the country.

 The mission of the National Land Service – for being modern and fair we provide quality land management, administration and spatial data use services.

 Professionalism - competent, high-quality, responsible and result-oriented work.
 Fairness - open, fair and clear work.
 Cooperation - common objectives and work in a team, services based on mutual trust and communication with visitors.
 Modernity - the ability to adapt changing conditions, new work techniques and technologies.

 Strategic objectives of 2013-2017:
 1. Quality service.
 2. Suitable conditions for work.
 3. Competent and motivated team.

 Short history. National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture was established on 1st July 2001. On 1st July in 2010 administration of counties governors were liquadated, therefore National Land Service has taken over the operating land management divisions and other county head administrative functions related to the land management. To operate the functions that has been taken over there are 50 territorial management divisions which serve all the municipalities in the country area.

 There are approximately 900 employees working in National Land Service headquarters in Vilnius and in 50 territorial land management divisions.

 The National Land Service aims to be easily accessible for people - decisions on land privatization or validation for using it gratuitously are accepted in municipalities located in National Land Service territorial units. There is a will to reduce the period of time from a person's application to acquire ownership of the land or rent it up to the decision making in National Land Service.

 Main tasks of National Land Service:
• pursue the state policy in the sphere of land management and administration, restoration of ownership rights to land, forest and water bodies, state land disposal, transfer and use of other land reform, land management planning, real property cadastre, accounting, georeference-based cadastre, geodesy, preparation of cartographic and georeferential spatial databases and the development of spatial information infrastructure of the Republic of Lithuania;
 • ensure the implementation of legal regulation of land relations;
 • perform functions of a state land legal subject trust (trustee);
 • organize and pursue the state control of land use;
 • manage established information systems and cadastres in legislations;
 • ensure the preparation of documents for land management planning and perform its maintenance, perform the state control over geodetic, cartographic activities and quality control.


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National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture. Code 188704927
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